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The Brunton Axis is a new twist on the traditional pocket transit. The axis can measure every angle in every direction simultaneously, cutting measurement times in half. Perfect for students and seasoned professionals.

The Brunton Axis is different from other transits in several ways. Compass North is oriented parallel to the main hinge, making the axis the only transit that can simultaneously measure strike and dip of any plane in any configuration, either through contact or sighting methods. The lid can rotate 360 degrees around its major axis, strike & dip can be measured on any plane including: overhang, near-horizontal, and those needing extension.

The Axis is also unique because of its novel lid protractor and ability to rotate 360 degrees around its minor axis. Making it the only transit that can measure trend and plunge of any lineation on any surface including overhangs. The lid acts as a key measurement plane you don’t need map boards or notebooks to extend measurement surfaces. The unique hollow sighting tube through the hinge, allows for easy measurement of directional bearing and vertical angles, eliminating the need for mirror and sighting arm.


  • Innovative dual-axis, hollow hinge allows for intuitive, efficient, accurate measurements of planes, lines, bearings, and vertical angles.
  • Only one measurement configuration is needed for strike & dip, trend & plunge, bearing & vertical angle, increasing efficiency and accuracy of measurements.
  • Compass North is parallel to the main hinge axis, making the Axis the only transit able to measure strike and dip concurrently, through contact or sighting methods.
  • Novel lid protractor and rotation around minor axis enables accurate, simultaneous measurement of trend & plunge on any surface, including overhangs.


Compass Bearing Accuracy: ±1/2 WITH 1° GRADUATIONS Inclinometer Accuracy: ±1/2 WITH 1° GRADUATIONS
Dip Angle Accuracy: ±1/2 WITH 2° GRADUATIONS Plunge Angle Accuracy: ±1/2 WITH 1° GRADUATIONS
Azimuth Graduated Circle: Model F-5012 Quadrant Graduated Circle: Model F-5011
Dimensions (Closed): 3.92″ X 2.78″ X 1.18″ Weight: 12.5 oz


  • Brunton Axis Pocket Transit