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* No glow infrared LEDs: No glow LEDs are completely invisible to animals and humans but, in comparison to standard LEDs, have a slightly lower illumination range of 18m.
* 0.2 second trigger speed: This is the time taken between the PIR sensor being activated and the camera taking an image or video. Please note that the stated trigger speed applies to the capture of still images only.
* Hyper PIR: The PIR motion sensor is active to a distance of 18m. The sensitivity of the motion sensor is also adjustable and can be set to low, medium, high or auto. When set to auto, an internal temperature sensor regulates the sensitivity so that it is optimised for all weather conditions.
* Hyper night vision: Ensures that your night-time images are clear and crisp.
* Freeze frame shutter: Set the night vision shutter speed to low, medium or high – this helps to eliminate blur on moving animals.
* Multi-flash mode: This mode allows you to adjust the brightness of the night vision flash. Choose between low, medium and high; a low setting conserves the battery and prevents over illumination of close-up objects whilst the high setting allows maximum flash distance.
* Hybrid capture mode: Now you don’t have to choose between recording still images or videos. When in hybrid capture mode, the camera will take an image followed immediately by a video.
* Camera settings: Specify the number of images taken per trigger (1-3), the length of video recorded (1-60 seconds) and the delay between triggers (1 second to 60 minutes).
* 2x field scan: Field scan allows you to capture time lapse images at preset intervals of one minute to 60 minutes within the time frame you select. 2x field scan allows you to do this for two separate time frames, so you can monitor both dawn and dusk movements at your survey site.
* Data stamps: Date, time, moon phase, temperature and camera name are automatically stamped onto each image or video. It is also possible to input the GPS coordinates of your survey site and these will also be stamped onto your images and videos.
* Powered by 4-12 x AA batteries (not included), the NatureView Live View HD will last for up to a year on one set of good quality batteries.


* Image resolution: 3, 8, 14MP (3MP true sensor)
* Video resolution: 1920x1080p
* PIR sensor: Low/medium/high/auto
* Night vision flash: 40 black LEDs, 18m range
* LCD display: Black & white text, external colour screen
* Date / time / temperature / moon phase stamp: Yes
* GPS geotag: Yes
* SD card capacity: 32GB
* Field scan 2x: Yes
* Audio record: Yes
* Hybrid capture: Yes
* Power supply: AA (4-12)
* Battery life: Up to one year
* Solar compatible: No