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Mitech MT200 Ultrasonic Plastic Thickness Gauge

Ultrasonic Plastic Thickness Gauge are designed to improve safety and ensure reliability of material subject to corrosion or erosion.

Corrosion gauges with their dual-element transducers are the primary inspection tool used to measure the remaining walls of components such as pipelines, pressure vessels, storage tanks, and numerous other applications..

Precision gauges use single-element transducers to provide the thinnest range and highest degree of accuracy possible. Common applications include metals and a variety of non-metals (i.e. glass, ceramic, plastic, etc.).



Measuring Range 0.75mm-300mm(in steel)
Sound Velocity 1000~9999 m/s
Resolution 0.1/0.01mm (selectable)
Units mm/inch (selectable)
Storage 20 groups (100 files / group)
Accuracy ± ( 0.5%Thickness+0.04 ) mm
Alarm preset upper and lower limit
Work voltage 3V( 2 AA alkaline battaries)
Interface port RS232
Dimensions 132mm*76mm*33mm
Weight 345g
Display LCD with backlight
Continuous working period 100 hours (with backlight off)


III.Standard delivery:

No Items Quantity
1 Main unit 1
2 N05/90 probe 1
3 Couplant 1
5 Instruction manual 1
6 Warranty card 1
7 Carrying case 1
9 Cables 1
10 Batteries 4

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