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Nikon Auto Level AE-7C


  • Choice of magnification: 20x (AX-2S), 24x (AC-2S), 28x (AP-8), 30x (AS-2/2C), 32x (AE-7/7C)
  • Choice of magnetic or air-dampened automatic compensators
  • Double-sided, continuous horizontal tangent drives
  • Stadia lines for simple distance measurement
  • Convenient horizontal angle measurement
  • Built in bubble mirror and optical sighting alignment
  • Metal housing increases durability
  • Choice of water resistant or waterproof construction
  • Nikon optics effectively let in more light, so you see brighter, sharper images-especially in low-light conditions


Nikon AS-2 AE-7 SS 0114 LR


  • What’s in the Box
    • Nikon Automatic Level AE7C
    • Hard carrying case
    • Objective lens cap
    • Adjustment tool
    • User manual
    • Card Waranty
    • Sertifikat Calibration

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