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1. Measurement by 6-digit pulse count
2. Easy conversion function of unit and scale
3. Hold memory function
4. Automatic shifting of unit to upper unit
5. Average value measurement

Code No. 082316 082317
Model KP-90N KP-92N
Function Computing Single
Display Liquid Crystal, 8-digit Figures
Symbols Batt-E, Scale, Memo,
Hold, cm2, m2, km2,
in2, ft2, acre, etc.
Batt-E, Memo, Hold,
cm2, in2, etc.
Converting Function Unit and Scale value Unit (in2, cm2)
Measuring value
Maximum 10m2 (scale 1:1)
Measuring range Maximum vertical width 325mm
Horizontal roller rotating length: 30m
Accuracy within +/- 0.2% (within +/- 2/1,000pulses)
Power 1. Built-in rechargeable NiCd battery
2. AC Adapter 100V~240V (Auto Power-off provided)
Operating hour Approx. 30 hours
Weight 750g
Accessories Supplied AC adapter & Plastic case

Download :

Brosure KP-90N